Steve Lawson Quotes

Much to ponder here from Dr. Steve Lawson’s twitter feed:

Jesus is eternally God, perfectly man, the God-man, the only One who could be the Mediator between God and man.

To those who preach: You are the mouthpiece for the biblical text. You have nothing apart from the text. Let the text talk.

When Jesus calls us to follow Him, He sets the terms. There is no room for negotiation. Either we follow, or we do not, and follow we must.

We can never be half in, half out in following Christ. Either we are following or we are not.

A preacher is not ready to preach until he is ready to die.

There is no knowledge of God apart from knowing Jesus Christ. The Son has an exclusive monopoly on knowing the Father.

To those who preach: You may not preach in the biggest church in town, but you can preach the biggest God in town.

No one ever influenced the world with the gospel who did not suffer for the gospel.

Our life is not about being comfortable, but about being committed to make Christ known.

At the cross, the worst about us–our sin–was laid upon Christ, and the best about Him–His righteousness–was laid upon us.

The gospel has not been crafted by any church, drafted by any denomination, nor scripted by any seminary, but has come down from God Himself.

God must grant saving faith. The new birth precedes faith, and it produces faith.

Gospel ministry requires thick skin and a tender heart.

A high view of God leads to a humble view of self. A low view of God leads to a haughty view of self.

The doctrine of sovereign election guarantees the success of our evangelism around the world.

Theology, which is the proper study of God, should always lead to doxology, the proper worship of God.

The road that leads to life is narrow, demanding, and sparsely traveled, but is paved with abundant blessings and takes us home.

When the Bible speaks, God speaks–inerrantly, infallibly, and powerfully.

There is no heart God cannot conquer. There is no life He cannot change. There is no past He cannot forgive.

Jesus will not ride in anyone’s backseat. He must be behind the steering wheel, driving, or He is not along for the ride.

A Christian no longer lives for self but for Christ, yet is convicted, grieved, and repents when he fails to do so.

In the minister, God values godliness over giftedness, humility over popularity, and substance over the size of his following.

If we do not discipline ourselves, God Himself will discipline us. One way or another, there will be discipline.

Those of you who preach: Start with the text, stay with the text, support it with other texts, and then stress the relevance of the text.

To those who preach: Go where the text goes. Say what the text says. Promise what the text promises. Warn what the text warns.

Repentance is far more than a mere change of mind, but a change of heart and will that changes the life.

You are either at peace with God or at war with Him. There is no middle ground.

Truth has a long shelf life with no expiration date. It is never outdated or stale, never archaic or obsolete.

The first step into the kingdom of God is one of humble faith. No one struts through the narrow gate.

To those who preach: Address the whole person. Instruct the mind, ignite the heart, invite the will.

If there was any way of salvation other than the cross, God would have spared His own Son.

Jesus bore our wrath without any mercy that we would bear His mercy without any wrath.

To those who preach: You are only the lampstand; hold forth the Light, who is Jesus Christ, and let Him shine.

Life is short, death is sure; sin the curse, Christ the cure.

The church gathers to worship and scatters to witness. We come together to exalt God’s name and go to make it known.

To those who preach: You have nothing to say apart from the word of God. When the Bible speaks, God speaks.

Prayer recognizes that I cannot, and only God can.

To those who preach: Proclaim Christ urgently, as if there is no tomorrow for people to believe. Now is the accepted time.

To those who preach: The mark of a great sermon is not hearing “What a great preacher you are,” but “What a great God we have!”

At the cross, all the sins of all who would believe in Jesus Christ were charged to Him, and all His righteousness is charged to us.

True faith includes repentance, and true repentance includes faith. The two are inseparably joined together. Repentance and faith are the heads and tails of the same coin, both necessary to enter the kingdom.

If you claim to follow Christ and your life has not been changed, you have not met Christ.

The strongest evidence that you have been born again is the fruit of a changed life that only God can produce.

Wherever regeneration is the invisible root, sanctification is the visible fruit.

To those who preach: Speak with urgency. Press for the listener’s response now. Tomorrow is the devil’s day; today is God’s day.

Attending a church that does not preach the word is like going to a restaurant that does not serve food.

To those who preach: Get on fire for God and people will come to watch you burn. Do not be the bland leading the bland.

The primary purpose of the word of God is to exalt and glorify the God of the word.

The sovereign call to believe in Jesus Christ is a divine subpoena that apprehends and arrests the one summoned.

To go to heaven, we do not need a boost from below. We need a birth from above.

To those who preach: We have nothing new to say. If it is new, it is not true.

To those who preach: Clarity is never overrated. Be clearly understood and easily followed.

To those who preach: You are a mouthpiece for the biblical text. You have nothing to say apart from the word of God.

There are no dropouts from the school of saving grace, only graduates.

We must follow Jesus. He will not follow us. We must pursue His will. He will not adopt our plans.

To those who preach: You need a fire in your soul that gives off the light of truth with the heat of passion.

No one can be saved until they know they are lost. No one believes the good news until they know the bad news.

To those who preach: Give us more Bible, not less. Give us more Jesus, not less. Give us less you, not more.

To those who preach: Know the difference between a sermon and a lecture. Give us more than just information. Exhort us also with the truth.

No church is higher than its pulpit. A shallow pulpit, will produce a shallow church. A strong pulpit, will produce a strong church.

To those who preach: Study long. Go deep. Pray hard. Preach strong. Love people. Start over.

To those who preach: Either put some fire into your sermons or put your sermons into the fire.

Trials are God’s unannounced exams to see how we are doing in the school of faith.

Trials and tribulations are not an elective class in the Christian life, but a required course.

Every true believer today is just as certain for heaven as though they have already been in heaven 10,000 years.

The Bible is not a collection of verses. It is a collection of books that contain verses.

To those who preach: The power is in the word, not in the messenger. Preach the word, and get out of the way.

The cost of discipleship is never marked down, never discounted, never cheapened. Following Christ always requires the high price of being a living sacrifice.

To those who preach: We are to proclaim the gospel of Jesus Christ to everyone, persuading them to believe. And then, we leave the results to God, who alone can save.

God has never looked into the future and learned anything.

Weak, defenseless sheep, such as we are, must trust our good Shepherd to guide our steps and guard our souls.

The gospel has not come from any one church, or group of churches. It has not been derived from any denomination of seminary. No pastor or leaders has concocted it. Instead, the gospel has come down in purest form from the high courts of heaven, from the infinite genius of God.

We baptize in the name of the Father, the Son, and the Holy Spirit because all three Persons of the Trinity have saved us.