Biblical Citations in the 1689 London Baptist Confession

Question: Are the implicit interpretations of the bible citations provided in the Confession mandatory for confessionalists? Why? Why not?

Answer: From the Preface: We have also taken care to affix texts of Scripture at the bottom, for the confirmation of each article in our Confession; in which work we have studiously endeavored to select such as are most clear and pertinent for the proof of what is asserted by us; and our earnest desire is that all into whose hands this may come would follow that (never enough commended) example of the noble Bereans, who searched the Scriptures daily that they might find out whether the things preached to them were so or not.

“From a straight forward reading of this paragraph they thought the Scripture citations confirmed the content of the paragraph.” – Rick Fernandez

“Our unity is not based on our interpretation of the individual texts of the Bible, but on our unity regarding the doctrine taught by the Bible. So the implicit meaning assigned to those texts by the Confession to the proof texts it cites is not necessarily as authoritative as the confesssional statements themselves. On the other hand, a careful consideration of those proofs may shed light on how the meaning of the Confession and conversely on the meaning of those texts.” – Dr. Sam Waldron