Sola Scriptura – Five Part Series

Part 1: Dr. James White – “Went 135 minutes today (hence the “uber-mega” designation) covering two primary topics: sola scriptura defined and defended against a recent attack upon it by Karlo Broussard of Catholic Answers (first 90 minutes), and then a “live” review of a new video against the deity of Christ from a Muslim perspective (link). A lot of foundational, basic teaching today that we think is very, very important for all believers!”

Part 2: Dr. James White – “We continued our series on sola scriptura today, looking at what sola scriptura is and is not. Touched on the issues raised by charismatic claims of “thus says the Lord” a bit as well. We really believe this is an important series, and hope our listeners will find it foundationally edifying.”

Part 3: Dr. James White – “Three topics on the program today; for the first 15 minutes or so a quick rejoinder to Jory Micah and her ‘El Shaddai means ‘one with many breasts” tweet, then about half an hour in response to Spencer Toy’s article on, ‘An Open Question for Presuppositionalists.’ Then we got back for the last 45 minutes to our study of sola scriptura. We are now able, in the next program, to finally start working through Karlo Broussard’s comments on Catholic Answers Live.”

Part 4: Dr. James White – “Aside from a few brief comments at the start about a few current events we focused pretty much fully on the sola scriptura series, finally getting to the clip from the debate with Mitch Pacwa and listening to a number of segments from the Catholic Answers Live show with Karlo Broussard. Important information!”

Part 5: Dr. James White – “I managed to resist the temptation to do the ‘politics talk’ and finished up the introduction to sola scriptura today in a 90 minute program focusing upon the final sections of Karlo Broussard’s arguments on Catholic Answers Live, and then discussing two more important aspects, ‘Apostolic Tradition’ in the early fathers as well as the issue of the canon. Not easy material to cover, but so very important!”

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  2. I’d like to listen to this series once I have time, but one area I’m especially concerned about is Christian Liturgy and the Bible. I’m not talking about Sabbath vs Sunday, but rather what does the Bible say we are supposed to do when we gather for worship? I don’t see anything akin to gathering with the focus being on a lecture on discussing Bible passages. Certainly, it’s good to study the Scriptures and have pastors preach, but this doesn’t seem like it’s the Biblical format for Liturgy, nor can I reconcile reading from the Bible being the same as worship of God. To me, the Bible suggests the Lord’s Supper is the focus of Christian Liturgy, but even here the Bible doesn’t give much detail. I believe proper worship of God is of utmost importance, so getting Liturgy correct cannot be a ‘non-essential’. Does White have any information on this, or do you know of any links on Biblical Liturgy for the Church?

    Also, for your blog you should enable the check-box for Follow Up comments so we know when new responses come in.

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