Planned Parenthood Supporter vs. Christian

This is actual footage outside of Planned Parenthood in Tempe, Arizona. On the public sidewalk, Jeff Durbin, of Apologia Radio and TV, spoke with a Planned Parenthood supporter. There was also a film crew present filming a documentary on The Red Door Ministry (Apologia Church’s ministry at abortion mills).

8 thoughts on “Planned Parenthood Supporter vs. Christian

  1. When is someone going to tell Christians that God doesn’t like tattoos. I haven’t looked up the verse but I think it’s in Leviticus 19. Maybe verse 24 or so. I’m sure that people with tattoos can be and are saved but just as sure that a Christian must not get a tattoo.
    God bless Brother John
    Dusty Clark

      • Ok, I listened twice. I thought I missed something. He barely mentions tatoos.
        I’m seeing more and more supposed Christians with fresh tatoos. Like the guy in the planned parenthood video. What’s wrong with that picture. A painted Christian that’s in love with the things of this world rather than of God. And it’s accepted in the church? Not even addressed?

        • In that I don’t believe that tattoos are outlawed in scripture (at least as they are defined correctly by scripture) I have no issue with a Christian getting a tattoo. It is important not to allow cultural bias impose itself on our understanding of scripture and then define worldliness by that false standard. Scripture should define what is in fact worldly, not an assumed westernized Christian culture.

          • I’m saying that the tattoos of today are not something that is addressed by Scripture and to say that God forbids them is to add to scripture.

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