Friday Round Up

(1) Michael Brown joins James White to discuss his (Brown’s) new book, “A Queer Thing Happened to America.” This is one of the most important cultural issues of our day, and we dare not ignore it. Here’s the program.

(2) We often hear Christian leaders say things like, “I’m not inviting you to join a church, but to enter into a personal relationship with Jesus.” So in this approach, everything that is formal, official, planned, and public is seen as mere church-ianity, while genuine Christian experience is informal unofficial, spontaneous, and private. But is this biblical? Would the apostles agree with this kind of anti-institutional approach, or would they recognize it as part of the spirit of the age?

The hosts at the White Horse Inn discuss these questions and more as they walk through Paul’s farewell address to the elders of the church of Ephesus in Acts 20 here.

(3) Ligonier has a few excellent deals in this week’s $5 Friday sale here. Remember, if you do decide to purchase material, you can claim a 10% discount on these and on ALL Ligonier products as a reader of this blog by using the coupon code: EGRACE10

(4) Here’s a short video from someone I know well in England named Mikey Powell. I am sure many of us can relate to his procrastination song. I also think if Mikey was born 4 or 5 decades earlier and lived 250 miles futher north in Liverpool, England, he could have been a Beetle. He’s a super talented guy when he eventually gets round to it:

(5) The greatest soccer player I ever had the privilege of watching was a man named Kenny Dalglish. He is also an excellent coach/manager and yesterday’s announcement that he has been given a three year contract to manage Liverpool F.C. is great news. I think all of us Liverpool fans are very excited. Let the good times roll.