I wept

“Your words were found, and I ate them, and your words became to me a joy and the delight of my heart…” – Jeremiah 15:16

As I type these words on my keyboard, next to my computer are seven different Study Bibles in five different English translations. Those are just the Bibles on my desk. On the shelf behind me, I have more. And that’s just my office. I have more in the living room, close to my comfy chair where I can sit and read without distraction with a cup of English tea (some traditions die hard).

Then there is the Bibleworks program loaded on my computer which has dozens more translations, including the original Hebrew and Greek texts (even though I have the same texts in book form). By any standard of measurement, the study resources at my disposal are very comprehensive. Added to this are the many commentaries and books in my possession written by some of the great Bible teachers in Church history, as well as in our own day – all of them are within easy access from my chair. Online, I have access to many more translations. I am blessed with amazing spiritual riches. I am a Christian in America.

Just a few minutes ago, I watched this video you will find below. My only reaction was to weep. Even now, tears roll down my face. These are tears of joy, you understand.

Why do I weep? I weep to see a people, known as the Kimyal tribe in West Papua, Indonesia, receive the complete New Testament for the very first time in their language. I weep to see the unvarnished joy etched on their faces. I weep to hear their expressions of thanks to God. Joy and delight rises within me. My tears are tears of happiness. How glad I am to see a people blessed with the God breathed Scriptures.

Yet at the same time, I am accutely aware of a second emotion inside me. For along with the delight I feel, there is the presence of regret. I am convicted about my own heart; the condition of my soul. For though I love and treasure the Bible more than any other book in this world, I have failed to honor it and study it as much as it deserves. Though I have given my adult life to the study and pursuit of God in the Scriptures, and to preach it with boldness both here and in many other lands (on four different continents), I am still convicted over the many wasted hours and days – time no longer available to me – time I could have used to study the word of God.. and I did not.

Oh God, as I see this Kimyal tribe receive your word, my heart is stirred and I cry out to You. My Master and Lord, please forgive me for ever taking Your word for granted. You have chosen to bless me with access to Your word in ways former generations could only dream of. Your word says, “To whom much is given, much shall be required.” Much, much, much, is required of me as a Christian in America. Help me to treasure Your word even as this people did, the day they received Your word. Create in me a clean heart, O God, and renew a right spirit within me. May Your word be my treasure always, drawing me ever closer to You, the God I love.

Christian – please watch this video below. It will do your heart good!

8 thoughts on “I wept

  1. We should all be convicted to some degree. We as American Christians have perhaps become lazy and even spoiled to some degree. O the simple joy that is ours in receiving and giving the Word of God to another. O how our worship might be transformed if only we were once again awe struck by this marvelous gift. Praise the Lord.

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  3. I had to repost the video to my site. I listed this post as the original source, if you don’t mind. Thank you for posting this. It was humbling and exactly what I needed to see.

  4. (I found your site through a link on Everyday Mommy.)

    Touching, isn’t it?! Actually, this is right where I live! My husband and I serve with Mission Aviation Fellowship, and although he didn’t personally fly those Bibles into the tribe, the work that he does every day helps to further the spread of the Gospel to these remote tribes. We are privileged and blessed to serve the Lord here!

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