Speaking Request

We want to thank you for making an inquiry about Pastor Samson’s availability to speak at your Church or Conference. Please note that your request for this information in no way obligates you to extend him an invitation. We want you to commit with us in prayer to determine the Lord’s will and timing for such ministry.

If we concur that it is God’s will for him to accept your invitation, and travel is involved, we can discuss all travel/flight arrangements via phone or e-mail correspondence. We prefer that his ticket is purchased several weeks in advance of the engagement in order to obtain the lowest possible fare. We believe this is wise stewardship of kingdom funds and eliminates all potential confusion about the travel schedule.

Although Pastor Samson does not require a set fee for his ministry, we ask that you keep in mind that there is considerable time and energy invested by him both in preparation for his ministry at your church/conference and in traveling to and from the venue. If you have specific questions about what might be an appropriate honorarium, feel free to write us at King’s Church or include your inquiry together with this invitation form.

If you wish to submit an invitation, please put it in writing and be kind enough to answer the following questions. After we have received the form (either by regular mail or e-mail), Pastor Samson will commit your request to prayer and respond as soon as he is able.

Your Name?

Your E-mail Address for correspondence?

1. Who will sponsor the event?

2. Please submit a brief history of your church or ministry with an explanation of its vision and purpose. If it is easier for you, direct us to your website or send us a copy of any material that explains more about who you are and the characteristics of your ministry.

3. Please submit a copy of your doctrinal statement or provide us with an explanation of your theological orientation. Are you a member of a particular denomination or association of churches?

4. What are the precise dates you would like Pastor Samson to consider? If possible, list several alternative dates (listed in terms of your preference) from which he might choose.

5. How many times would you want him to speak?

6. How long will he have for each speaking session? Do you want him to conduct a Question and Answer session at any point during the conference or time of ministry?

7. What is the precise schedule for the time that Pastor Samson would be with you?

8. Will you provide provide Pastor John with a high-quality audio and video recording (if available) of his messages that may be used at his discretion?

9. How many people do you anticipate will attend the sessions?

10. Do you plan on coordinating this event with other churches? If so, which ones and how many?

11. What is the precise location (venue) of the event?

12. Into what airport would Pastor Samson fly? How far from the airport is the place where the meeting(s) will be held?

13. When would you want him to arrive? When would he be departing?

14. Will you be covering all of his travel expenses? If given the choice, Pastor Samson much prefers to stay in a hotel rather than a home. He finds that he is better able to sleep, pray, and prepare when he stays at a hotel. Does that meet with your approval?

15. What topic do you wish him to address? Can you provide him with some options, or would you prefer that he make that decision himself?

16. Is Pastor Samson the only speaker you are inviting or will he be sharing the platform with other speakers? If there are others, it would help if you could provide some information about them and their ministries.

Finally, how did you hear about Pastor Samson’s ministry?