50 lbs

A man stands on the talking scale - 'One at a time please!'

A man stands on the talking scale – ‘One at a time please!’

50 LBS. I’m on day 82 of a personal weight loss challenge (supervised by a doctor) and can report that as of this morning I have lost 50 lbs. The sad part is that I needed to lose that much. The good news is I have done so. 50 lbs is a lot. I have gone down 2 ring sizes and can now fit into clothes that have been stored in boxes for years. Hopefully some of them are still in style. :) This is about half way to my goal of a healthy weight, but this is a significant milestone. I will probably celebrate with a “normal” meal later on today.

Fat, Sick and Nearly Dead

Many of our health issues are diet related – probably far more than we realize. I would strongly encourage everyone to watch the movie “Fat, Sick and Nearly Dead.” It is a huge wake up call. It is also a guide to help anyone who struggles with weight loss and health.

Though not specifically “Christian,” God may well use the 94 minutes of this movie to save someone’s life. Check it out here.

God bless,