Where technology is headed…

Microsoft’s vision for the future:

Microsoft’s vision for health care:

Microsoft’s Vision for communication, travel and personal choice:

Voice Recognition Technology

Apple’s Scott Forstall shows off Siri, the company’s new voice recognition-enabled personal assistant for the iPhone 4S. The new software will allow you to ask for help and will respond back to you in human-like language.

A Christian in the Digital Age

“And God blessed them. And God said to them, “Be fruitful and multiply and fill the earth and subdue it and have dominion…” – Genesis 1:28

The world has changed and there’s no going back. How are we to think as Christians as we adapt to this new technological advanced digital age? Is there a Christian way to think?

At the recent Ligonier Ministries National Conference, Tim Challies was asked to speak on his new book “The Next Story.” Instead of speaking about the book or offering up a summary of it, he took a look at 3 vignettes that help us understand what’s going on in the world around us.

It’s a short but excellent presentation lasting around 25 minutes which I highly recommend: