Secularism and Our Christian Hope

oliphintby K. Scott Oliphint (original source here)

Words cannot adequately describe the race to irrationality that characterizes the Western world today. Absurdity attacks from every side. Foolishness is daily fodder; the abnormal has become the norm.

A couple of obvious examples: Many of us now live in a world where certain theories of science, such as evolution, are taken as bedrock, unassailable truth. The evidence, we’re told, is clear and unrelenting.

But then we’re told by the same secularists that when it comes to something as obvious as a person’s gender, science is silenced and gender identity is determined by how we feel. When it comes to gender, “It can’t be wrong when it feels so right.”

Or when the world is exposed to the dismemberment and sale of fetal baby parts, science isn’t even invited to the discussion. As long as the horror of such a practice is transferred from the brightly illuminated isle of cold, hard facts to the murky, generic bin of “women’s health,” we’re supposed to be convinced that it was all just a false alarm.

“Facts are stubborn things,” John Adams famously quipped. But their stubbornness pales into insignificance compared to the vice-grip tenacity of a secular mindset. When the spectacles of secularism see the facts, they can adjust their vision accordingly. If the facts threaten those secular commitments, they can change the focus so that they become blurry beyond recognition. If they happen to see something that fits their ideology, they’ll gaze intently, and quickly point it out to the blurry-eyed among us. Continue reading

The High and Sacred Altar

Man is inherently religious by nature. Even the secular humanist is profoundly religious. That is why he can never be neutral regarding any talk of God but must vehemently oppose it with every fibre of his being. His mantra is simple, ‘If you must speak out do so in the church house, where all who agree with you can gather; stay on the reservation, away from public view.’ While hating the God that he supposedly does not believe in, he must worship; and does so by bringing his blood sacrifices to the god he has made. That is why, at the very heart of secularism, you will find the high and sacred altar of abortion.