The Huge “Issue of Trust” Giveaway

Announcing the Huge “Issue of Trust” Giveaway

Why do people write blogs? Well unless they are writing for the sheer pleasure of writing itself, people write in hope of being read.

Why would they want to be read?

There could be many motivations. Some write to gain notoriety, others do so to make people laugh, while still others seek to propagate a particular idea or agenda. God communicated His truth to us through the inspired writings of his apostles and prophets. How extremely gracious it was of God to do so. He did not have to.

I write in hope of helping others see the wonders and the beauty of Christ and His gospel of grace, to outline sound theology and to defend the Christian faith, while hoping to have some fun along the way. I write more about my motivations for this blog here.

I have been very gratified by the personal e-mails I have received recently expressing appreciation for this little blog of mine.

Just yesterday someone wrote to say, “I love your blog. I check it out before I leave for work each morning. I am always learning something by what you write John. You often make me laugh too. My only wish is that so many more people would enjoy it as much as I do.” Of course, its really nice when someone writes to give such encouraging feedback.

Later on, something unusual happened – a thought occured to me. Having a thought is a rare event, I know. I remember the last one distinctly. I was laying in bed at the time. That’s usually not a good time to have a thought. Yet this time I was prepared. Remembering that my last previous thought also occured while laying in the same spot. So just in case such a rare thing would ever happen again, I had a pen and notebook handy near my bedside so I could quickly write any new thought down. On this occasion, I did manage to write a few words before drifting off to sleep.

When I woke up some hours later, the words I wrote down were still there in the notebook, which meant, I did not forget the idea I had.

If only I could remember where I put the blinkin’ notebook!!

Oh yes.. I found it.. and here was my thought:
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