More Feedback

Further feedback on the new book – such an encouragement to me as a first time author…

I’ll 100% second this email’s sentiment! I’ve been meaning to email you or comment or something because I finished the Twelve What Abouts in a few days and loved every digital page turn (on my Kindle 4).

As the person who emailed you mentioned it’s very readable and yet as precise as it needs to be to convey the important message of God’s true G-R-A-C-E. I’ve been devouring every bit of Reformed content that I can get my hands on over the past 9 months or so, ever since my wife and I realized that the concept of “Free Will” is not only completely false, I just wanted to stop by and thank you for all your fine work in this area and let you know that I, for one, am benefitting immensely because of it!

Eric H

I agree, your book is very readable, and its easy to sense a real warmth and compassion for God’s people coming from you. I can’t wait to read your next book. – Ian D

Encouraging Feedback

I just received this note of encouragement from someone who read but somehow managed to hold on by a thread. As I read the verse 1 Timothy I came across this Scripture and decided to Google for some insight. I randomly came across your page, and was deeply touched and given me so much motivation and I feel like God directed me here so that He could speak through you. All I got to say is thank you for taking the time to write this because it has more meaning to me than you could imagine.” – Jane

How amazingly gracious the Lord is – firstly for causing this precious lady to find the blog and minister to her soul, and secondly, that He prompted the lady to write this note so I that would know that something I had written touched her heart so deeply. Thank you God!!!

I am sending Jane an autographed copy of my new book.

This little blog of mine…

This week marks six months since this effectual grace blog started. What started as a little space in cyber space is now… still a little space in cyber space. However, its hard to believe that tens of thousands of different people have come this way over that time.

Back in December I wrote a yet as the six month mark is upon us, I would really like to hear from more of you. If you can take a moment or two to express your thoughts and feelings, I would really appreciate it. Of course the most important Person to please is God Himself. Josh Moody said it well, “When we are captivated with the religion of I, what matters is what other I’s think, not what the Great I Am thinks. We strive for heaven in order to impress earth, and heaven is not impressed.” That is so true. However, I want this blog to be a blessing to the people of God too, and there’s no harm in getting feedback from others; in fact, being open to listen to other people and their insights often allows us to become more pleasing to God also. The Holy Spirit, the great Sanctifier of the Church often uses the people around us to shape us into more Christlikeness.

So, please tell me what you think of this blog – your likes and dislikes. What would you like more of? What has been the most helpful thing? What has encouraged you? What have you found to be eye opening? What do you think can improve?

Fire away – but try to be kind. I bleed easily. 🙂