30 Years of God’s Faithfulness

June 27, 2017: Today I am celebrating 30 Years of God’s faithfulness. It is 30 years to the day since I entered the Christian ministry.

Also my second book “The Five Solas – Standing Together, Alone” gets published today.

“When your loved ones, friends, & acquaintances ask you why the 500th anniversary of the Protestant Reformation is important to you, this new book by my dear friend Pastor John Samson of King’s Church in Peoria, AZ, will help you better explain why. In fact, why not make it a point to order multiple copies to give out, especially to those who are important to you, so they can take more time to absorb the facts on their own as well. Churches should definitely order this book in bulk so congregants can be better equipped to tell others why this event is one of the most vital developments in the history of the world.” – Chris Arnzen, Iron Sharpens Iron Radio Broadcast

“John Samson has done it again. He has taken on the heart of the Protestant Reformation and put it into language that can be understood by the common man who cares. The Lord has given our brother a special gift of taking huge concepts and bringing them down where even older children can grasp the truth. “THE FIVE SOLAS: Standing Together, Alone” is coming to us from the printer later today, June 27th. You can order it with our other three REF 500 Titles for just $14.00. The other three are –
The 95 Theses in their Theological Significance by Warfield
CLICK AND PURCHASE AND SHARE WITH FRIENDS.” – Michael Gaydosh, Solid Ground Christian Books

The new book can be ordered at this link.

Remembering Dr. Iain D. Campbell

including The Doctrine of Sin, The Gospel According to Ruth, Opening up Exodus and On the First Day of the Week. He was also a regular contributor at Reformation 21, as well as the Banner of Truth and Tabletalk Magazine. He was Adjunct Professor of Church History at Westminster Theological Seminary, helping to deliver their London based MTh program.

I extend my deepest and prayerful sympathies to his family.

Here was his final sermon, preached on January 18, 2017 on John 6:37-40.

Looking Ahead

Upcoming Ministry:


1. Sovereign Grace Bible Church Phoenix Conference 2015, Friday October 16 – Saturday October 17. Pastor John is one of a number of speakers on the theme of “Spiritual Warfare.”


2. Reformed Bible Conference in Globe, Arizona – Saturday, March 12, 2016 –– Guest speakers are John Samson and Dennis Gundersen (head of Grace and Truth books). The theme – “Grace Conquers All – The way out of heresy and depression.”

3. Grace Covenant Church Summer Family Camp, Sedona, AZ – Friday, July 22 – Sunday, July 24, 2016. John Samson is the speaker, ministering 4 times.

Interview: Iron Sharpens Iron

radiomicBack in September 2014, I hosted Dr. James White’s “Dividing Line” Broadcast and discussed something of my journey out of the word of faith movement.

Chris Arnzen writes:

June 4, 2015: TODAY’s GUEST on “IRON SHARPENS IRON” Radio, heard 4-5pmEDT at www.IronSharpensIronRadio.com, is PASTOR JOHN SAMSON of King’s Church in Peoria, AZ (see www.KingsChurchAZ.com & www.EffectualGrace.com) to discuss his JOURNEY OUT OF THE WORD OF FAITH MOVEMENT INTO REFORMED THEOLOGY. John was not only once a “Word of Faith” preacher but also a TALK HOST on the “Word of Faith” movement’s TV oasis, the Trinity Broadcasting Network, before realizing, abandoning & repenting of his heretical ways.

John has filled-in as guest host for Dr. James R. White of Alpha and Omega Ministries on a number of occasions on his “Dividing Line” broadcast, and is the author of “Twelve What Abouts: Answering Common Objections Concerning God’s Sovereignty in Election”.

EMAIL QUESTIONS for John during today’s live broadcast to ChrisArnzen@gmail.com. NOT NEAR A COMPUTER TODAY between 4-5pmEDT??? CALL TO LISTEN ANYWHERE YOU HAVE A PHONE @ (401)283-6754 (follow prompts & press #3 for Christian Radio).

An Historic Door for the Gospel

Over the last two weeks, I have had the privilege of guest hosting Dr. James White’s dividing line broadcasts while he has been on a ministry trip to South Africa (the 4th of these shows at 2 p.m. later today). Dr. White shares here about one of the events on his trip and it is TRULY HISTORIC! God has opened a very significant and unexpected door for the gospel and it thrills my heart. Please continue to pray for Dr. James White and Alpha and Omega Ministries.

DrWhite-DurbanSAJames White writes:

“As I wait here in London for my flight back to Phoenix, I stood once again in a masjid—not just a room associated with a mosque, but in the masjid itself, and had the unfettered freedom to proclaim the full truth of God. If I can figure out how best to link an audio file, I might have time before my flight to post a portion of my presentation on John’s Christology, but I can tell you this: I had the opportunity (indeed, the necessity, given Yusuf’s presentation), of delving into John 1:1-18, John 8:24, 58, 13:19, 18:5-6 (the I Am sayings of Jesus) and of course John 20:28. That is certainly not unusual—but to do so in a historic masjid, the first Christian to speak there—that’s amazing. But now add in the real kicker: I was standing where Ahmed Deedat often stood in denial of those very truths. That’s what I am still processing. Only God could open a door like that, give an opportunity like that. I thank Him for using means (specifically, Rudolph, Adrian, etc. there in South Africa), but they will tell you the same thing: the Lord has granted favor to our interactions with our Muslim friends in South Africa. No doubt about it.”