Keys to Master Communication

The clip below is lengthy (almost 21 minutes) and yet I believe it will be a very profitable use of your time to watch it. It was for me.

The presenter in the video is Banjamin Zander, a master communicator. He is passionate about classical music and is utterly convinced that everyone he speaks to is also, they just don’t know it.

Here’s why this video interested me. I appreciated all that Mr Zander had to say. He makes some excellent points. Yet as I watched I was asking myself the why question. Why is it that Zander communicates so well?

As I thought about my answer, I saw beyond the application to classical music to the gospel of Jesus Christ and the way we communicate it to others (we being all Christians, including of course, us preachers). Please note the following:

1. His obvious passion and energy
2. He knows his subject intimately and loves it deeply
3. He is utterly convinced that if those who hear him catch on to what he is saying, their lives will be forever changed and impacted
4. His optimism is contageous
5. His message is that all people love classical music, they just dont know it.

More could be said, but I think these things are a good starting point.

As I watch Zander, I ask myself, “Could these same 5 things be said about us?.. about you?.. about me?”

If we are energized and excited by the gospel, it will show. I think the greatest sin of a preacher is to make the most interesting and exciting message in history sound boring! Dear God deliver us from boring preachers! There will be no rewards for such a ministry. God will never say “well done, thou good and boring servant!” Our job is not to simply impart information. We are to communicate the joy of knowing Christ, and we do so with more than words. Zander uses his whole body as an instrument of communication. He cannot help it. It is what is in him in abundance… and he has to let it out.

OK, enough said. Got 21 minutes free? Here’s Benjamin Zander on “The transformative power of classical music.”