America: How Far We Have Strayed…

Written by friend Eric Bryant today:

Those that know me know that I have started teaching the US Constitution more directly this year. I love it! Our founding fathers were geniuses. And the hand of God is all over our country’s founding. It’s clear for anyone with eyes to see. By no means am I saying that this is a “Christian country.” But it’s historical truth that the Founding was based on Judeo-Christian principles that acknowledge a Creator and that Creator’s laws of nature. The more we suppress that knowledge the worse we get.

When I teach about the Founding, it’s always bittersweet. We have such a great foundation and good beginning. We then went through hell with the Civil War and purgatory with the racial civil rights movement. It took a long time, but I’m proud that we eventually got to the point of actual legal racial equality and that the basis for all of that was written into our founding documents.

But the modern era is an era of foolishness unparalleled and unprecedented. We have squandered our blessings and we now openly spit in God’s face by not only killing the innocent unborn and calling it good but adding to it the hubris that says that we know more about ourselves than God does. This comes in the form of the ridiculous and suicidal attempts to change foundational human institutions like marriage. Same sex mirage is just that: a fiction that has no basis in reality. We think that we are the smartest people that have ever walked the planet and that somehow we can improve what was instituted from the beginning of humanity. And the US Supreme Court is the biggest fool of all (because they should have known better). What a pity!

That’s NOT what the Founders thought. Although, they were clear that they were trying a “grand experiment,” they were going back to basics, back to fundamentals, not forward to fiction and fantasy. They were standing on the truth that freedom comes through acknowledging that all men are created equal and endowed by our creator with unalienable rights, namely to life, liberty, and property. And that government is instituted to secure and protect those rights. How far astray we’ve gone.

It’s easy to celebrate the Founding. It’s hard to celebrate anything current going on in politics or the government. We are like the prodigal son, living in excess and squandering our inheritance, oblivious to the squalor that awaits us, but mostly awaits our children. It’s disgusting. The only rational response to this is to fall on our faces and beg forgiveness and mercy from the One who grants or takes away our freedoms. We can’t expect to violate the very laws of nature and then be blessed. That’s insane. Yet it seems as if insanity rules the hearts and minds of the populace today.

Happy Independence Day! Now beg God for mercy and call our country to repentance!