Historicity Of Jesus

Atheist/agnostic professor of religious studies at UNC Dr. Bart Ehrman explains how there is no academic scholars in the Western world who doubts that Jesus existed:

“This is not an issue for scholars. There is no scholar in any college or university who teaches classics, ancient history, new testament, early christianity, who doubts that Jesus existed. He is abundantly attested in early sources. Early and independent sources indicate that Jesus certainly existed. Paul is an eyewitness to both Jesus’ disciple Peter and the brother of Jesus. Like, I’m sorry. Atheists have done themselves a disservice by jumping on the bandwagon of mythicism because it makes you look foolish to the outside world.”

Graeme Clarke is is the Emeritus Professor of Classical (Ancient) History and Archaeology at Australian National University:

“Frankly, I know of no ancient historian or biblical historian who would have a twinge of doubt about the existence of a Jesus Christ”

HT: Steven Bancarz

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