Macro and Micro Evolution: Know the Difference

Some Quotes by Russ Miller:

The next time you’re asked if you believe in evolution, correctly respond, “I believe in Biblically and scientifically correct micro-evolution.” Let me explain. Darwinists show kids pictures of brown moths and yellow moths; then discuss how they’ve descended from a common ancestor over ‘millions of years.’ Well, drop the ‘millions of years’ and I agree they have a common ancestor, it was a moth. They’ve simply ‘brought forth after their kind’ as God’s Word tells us will occur and as real science always finds. This is micro-evolution, not never-observed Darwinian-macro evolution. The ability to micro-adapt was placed in their gene pool from the start by their Creator who gave His created kinds a tremendous range of genetic variation which allows them to adapt to various climates & conditions.

I always cringe when I hear Christians say they don’t believe in ‘evolution.’ I realize they mean in Darwinian-style change but they’re putting themselves in a position that is opposed to observable science, science that shows God’s Word is true, and thus in a position to be factually shot down.

The word ‘evolution’ has many meanings. Darwinian change would be ‘macro-evolution’ which has NEVER been observed. Micro-evolution (adaptations, variations within the same ‘kind’) occur in the same kind of plant or animal and are both Biblically and scientifically correct.

Darwinists show Biblically correct micro-evolution then switch the discussion to never-seen macro-evolution and mislead billions of people.

Ten times in Genesis we’re told kinds will bring forth after their kind. Real science confirms this, observing that ‘kinds only bring forth after their kind.’ Variations, adaptations and micro-evolution are all the same thing – kinds bringing forth after their kind. If you believe in one you believe in the other. When you tell someone that you don’t believe in ‘evolution’ you hand the victory to Darwinists as they can show millions of examples of Biblically correct micro-evolution while leading them to think these are examples of Darwinian macro-changes. If you define the difference between micro and macro you win the debate while showing everyone the Bible is right.

When you say there’s no proof of evolution, Darwinists show micro and mislead many. When you say adaptation, variation and micro-evolution are the same thing, resulting from the loss of genetic data; while Darwinian macro evolution requires the addition of massive amounts of new and beneficial genetic data, you leave them nowhere to go.

Macro requires the addition of massive amounts of both new and beneficial genetic data (real science knows of no way for this to occur) to cause one kind to evolve/change to another. Micro is caused by the sorting or loss of already existing genetic data (Gene Depletion) and is the only thing real science observes. Breeders use Gene Depletion to get rid of traits they don’t want.

Breeders breed out information to get purebreds by selecting traits to breed for, gradually eliminating non-wanted traits. Though this is helped by intelligently selecting the traits, this is akin to what we call adaptation-variation-micro evolution. Darwinian macro-evolution requires massive amounts of new and beneficial information being added to a gene pool and science know of NO WAY for this to occur in nature.

Real science is a Believer’s true friend. Always has been; always will be. False science, such as Darwinian macro-evolution is another issue and is anti-Biblical.