My Wonderful Mother

Sad News: My wonderful mother (Grace) departed this world Sunday night. While we as a family are feeling the deep pain of her loss, we are very much comforted knowing where she is just now. She truly loved the Lord Jesus and His gospel and pointed so many to the Savior she cherished. Her earth suit just gave up on her at age 91 – absent from the body, present with the Lord. What an amazing lady! I love her dearly and am so happy that God allowed her to be my mother. In good times and hard times, she followed her Lord faithfully. I will miss her terribly, even though I know we will one day meet again. I would so appreciate your prayers for our family at this time.

** UPDATE: This morning (Monday), just several hours after my mother’s passing, and after a sleepless night, I recorded two hours of radio programs that will air next week throughout Phoenix (having been invited to do so just on Friday). I thought about NOT doing the recordings, staying home and just reflecting and grieving… and I think everyone would understand if I did not go through with the programs, but then I thought, isn’t this the best thing possible??? – to be given the opportunity of preaching the gospel even in a time of mourning, and pointing people to the wonderful, perfect Savior my mother loved so much? I did this and felt the pleasure of God with me as I proclaimed the gospel as clearly as I think I ever have. What a blessing!

Perhaps, even in heaven, the Lord might say to my Mom, “look, your son mourns you deeply, but look… he is proclaiming the gospel, even through the tears.” How good the Lord is to give me this opportunity at such a time. I understand that several thousand will hear the programs.


A Memorial Service for Grace will take place on Saturday, May 13, at 4:30 p.m. at Palos Verdes, 18441 N. 87th Avenue, Peoria, AZ 85382.

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  1. Psalm 84 – especially verses 5-7 – were a great comfort to me when my wife was sick and died. I am thankful I had the opportunity to meet “Amazing” Grace. May the Lord grant his comfort to you and fill the emptiness you feel with himself. The resurrection and reunion are coming. May the Lord grant you grace and strength for the ministry of his word and make it fruitful.
    Grace and peace.

  2. Such a sweet wonderful woman. It was a pleasure to meet her acquaintance. Pastor, I pray for your healing of the loss of your mother. We know her beautiful soul was transformed in Christ Jesus and is living the real life the Lord intended…sinless. You’re in my prayers.
    Daniel B.

  3. I am sorry for your loss. May God’s peace be with you and Linda at this time.

  4. She was truly an amazing warm loving person …pardon my knowledge. Anything you need, I’ll be here for you. Even just having a cup of coffee and talking. You’re in my prayers my friend.

  5. Dear Pastor John,

    What a precious experience for me to be a part of the beautiful memorial service
    for Grace today May the 13th. Your love and admiration of her so evident.
    As you know Joe went home to be with his Lord whom he was so ready to meet.. I am sure he and Grace have had some good conversations, as you know
    how very much Joe loved to talk and dialog.
    I would have loved to share, their are so many happy and blest memories, to many
    to share, of our years we spent with you at Faith Community church.
    I know Joe conveyed to you how appreciative he, and I were of all the sharing
    opportunity’s we were blest to have. We always felt indebted to have you in our
    lives those 5 years.
    Seeing the children all grown up really blessed my heart; especially the giftings
    the Lord is using them in John. May the Lord keep them in His Perfect Will
    I hope you did receive the e-mail concerning Joe’s passing away in January of 2015; he really went to the Lord in his sleep; such peace over his precious face
    I will long remember. The best years of my life with Joe for 32+ years we spent
    them ministering together and teaching others the helps we received as a couple.
    Hopefully many were as enriched as we were sharing at church; in our home
    and the nursing homes we weekly visited; especially adopting Geogia Wilson and
    her dear friend Peggy for those five years caring for them.
    Because of dear Grace and her godly influence to us and teachings, her encouraging spirit pushed us forward in the Lord as also your influence and
    biblical standing for the truth.
    God richly Bless you and Linda in His Service. amen, from Margaret.

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