The Bible and “Youth Ministry”

Voddie Baucham on Youth and Age Segregated Ministry:

Time Stamp – For Questions:
0:01:13 Institutional Sacred Cows
0:02:14 Follow the Money
0:05:15 History of the Sunday School Movement
0:06:43 Expansion of the Youth Ministry
0:07:37 What about kids whose parents don’t teach them?
0:11:19 If you get rid of youth ministry, how do you justify similar ministries?
0:12:59 You claim to be an abolitionist, what do you mean?
0:15:00 We’ve created a Church within a Church
0:17:14 Are high numbers of kids really leaving the church?
0:18:53 On foxes guarding the hen house
0:20:33 How do we reach the lost if we get rid of youth ministry?
0:22:02 Why can’t we have youth ministry and parental involvement
0:24:12 Don’t kids who leave the church eventually come back?
0:25:12 Give and example from the Bible for how you train your youth.
0:28:08 Didn’t Jesus get trained in the Temple when he was twelve?
0:30:10 Why is it wrong to gather youth together to worship and pray and be taught?
0:31:37 What is the real issue?
0:32:54 Does the church have freedom to innovate?
0:35:59 What is your message to fathers?
0:36:59 What is your message to pastors??