Why Study Theology?

theology03Why Study Theology?

Scottish pastor and theologian John Dick answered this penetrating query with seven profound responses. A better and more succinct answer would be difficult
to come by:

1. “To ascertain the character of God in its aspect towards us”

2. “To contemplate the display of his attributes in his works and dispensations”

3. “To discover his designs toward man in his original and his present state”

4. “To know this mighty Being, [which] is the noblest aim of the human understanding”

5. “To learn our duty to him, the means of enjoying his favor, the hopes which we are authorized to entertain, and the wonderful expedient by which our fallen race is restored to purity and happiness”

6. “To love him, the most worthy exercise of our affections”

7. “To serve him, the most honourable and delightful purpose to which we can devote our time and talents”