Eschatology Re-visited

Dr. Kim Riddlebarger

What’s a Thousand Years Among Friends? – The Millennial Debate

Interpreting Biblical Prophecy: A Christ-Centered Reading of the Bible

To Him Who Loves Us – Daniel 7:1-18; Revelation 1:1-8

1. Revelation – The Big Picture of Redemptive History
2. Why Satan Hates the Church & How he Works
3. The Church’s Witness to the World
4. Comfort for a Suffering, Persecuted People

Eschatological Israel — Political or Spiritual?

1. Does Romans 11 teach a future millennial age?
2. Is there a future for national Israel?
3. How do we understand ‘All Israel’?

This Age vs. the Age to Come

Matthew 24 Part 1

Matthew 24 Part 2

Questions and Answers