The worst doctrine?

What is the worst false teaching confronting and infiltrating the body of Christ in our day?

Television preacher Andrew Wommack believes it is..

wait for it…

…the doctrine that God is in control of all things (or meticulous providence).

Quote: “In my estimation, the worst doctrine that’s prevalent in the Body of Christ today and just completely voids all of these things about God being a good God is the wrong teaching on the Sovereignty of God – that God controls everything.”

Yes, you read that right, as this video shows:

Here’s my full response:

2 thoughts on “The worst doctrine?

  1. I loved the DL, John, but not your opening story. I was surprised to hear you found a story about a confused and lethal old woman terrorizing a group of boys funny. If one of those boys in the car was someone you knew, you wouldn’t find it quite as amusing, I’m sure. No car is worth a human life, John. That the woman thought her car was worth at least four lives is ghastly, not funny.

  2. What’s funny is to google these preachers’ names and for whatever reason google finds a way to classify them among their brethren. Wommack appears alongside Copeland, Meyer, Dollar, Capps.

    Wikipedia calls Wommack “conservative evangelical” and “charismatic faith healer”. How can you be a conservative evangelical if you reject God’s doctrine ?

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