3 thoughts on “Is every Christian supposed to be involved in Evangelism?

  1. Right from the start, Dr. White sidetracks the discussion with a definition for “evangelism” that would be foreign to most evangelicals when they heard this question. The question is “should every Christian be preaching the gospel to unbelievers?” and the answer is yes.

  2. I don’t for a moment believe Dr. White was sidetracked. Instead he defined the word “evangelism” biblically rather than in the usual narrower sense we evangelicals ascribe to the term. Though I believe every Christian is called to defend their faith and be ready with an answer, and even “gossip” the gospel, so to speak, not all are called to do it in the exact same cookie cutter style, standing on street corner and preaching at passers by. I believe if evangelism was taught in our churches the way Dr. White describes, it would be very liberating to everyone to be able to find and employ their “style” of evangelism.

  3. I have to go with Brett for the most part on this one. Regardless of being sidetracked, the bottom line is that christians are too more concerned with the things of this world than sharing the gospel. I doubt seriously that changing the definition of evangelism would cause any change, do you really? I see no concern for the lost in the church.

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