Samson Responds to MacArthur

Dr. John MacArthur has written a new article called “Preaching the Book God Wrote.” There’s some very good material there on the subject of inerrancy. However, Dr. MacArthur starts the article (found here) with the following words:

“Let me propose five logically sequential postulates that introduce and undergird my main propositions…”

My response: “I can testify that I had a pain in the logically sequential postulates, but my doctor said it was nothing to worry about! Thankfully, he was right. After two shots of penicillin in my undergird, the pain went away.”

10 thoughts on “Samson Responds to MacArthur

  1. John,

    Thanks so much for this. Its one of the funniest things I have read in a long time. I needed that!

  2. Mike, don’t worry. John is from England and if I can discern it accurately, it seems to be a clean version of Monty Python or something like that – definitely an acquired taste. It did make me laugh though. 🙂

  3. I think MacArthur could have found a more easy way to get the point across. Not sure if I can afford all those $5 words…

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